responsible distribution

Manuals & Publications

As your company embarks on each Responsible Distribution Cycle, take advantage of these manuals and publications to assist you during your verification.

How-To Guide Tutorial Videos - Responsible Distribution Verification Tools

Watch these short videos for step-by-step directions on how to navigate NACD’s various Responsible Distribution Verification tools.

Responsible Distribution Dashboard

Self-Assessment Report (SAR) & Roadmap

Code Coordinator Manual

The Code Coordinator Manual is your go-to guide for continuous improvement in NACD's Responsible Distribution Program. Release each verification cycle, the manual outlines every code of Responsible Distribution, providing a step-by-step guide for completing online specifications to best prepare your company for your upcoming verification.

*New*  7th Cycle Code Coordinator Manual (Updated November 2019)

7th Cycle Gap Assessment Tool

*New* 7th Cycle Gap Assessment Tool (Released June 2020)

How Does Responsible Distribution Compare?

Newly updated for the 7th Cycle!


Why Work with a Responsible Distributor?

Show your producers and customers why they should work with your company, an NACD Responsible Distribution Verified chemical distributor. Simply add your company logo and information to the form below and generate your very own company sale sheet! Click here to access.