responsible distribution

Third-Party Verification

NACD's on-site third-party verification is required of each NACD member and Chemical Handler Affiliate at a 20% sampling of company facilities. Responsible Distribution verification is conducted by an independent, third-party verifier(s) against a standard specifications document based on the Responsible Distribution Guiding Principles and a Code of Management Practice. Responsible Distribution verification IS NOT an inspection against a rigid set of Yes/No questions that leave no flexibility for response. For example:

  • Responsible Distribution verification will verify that a member company has a system in place and is being implemented to provide for compliance with federal regulations.
  • Responsible Distribution verification is not a review of a company's actual compliance against specific regulations.
  • Responsible Distribution verification will verify that a member company has a system in place to identify/determine the skills and knowledge required to perform job responsibilities and/or that programs are in place to ensure employees are properly trained.
  • Responsible Distribution verification does not evaluate your company's individual employee skill levels.

NOTE: All distributor members are considered 'Candidate Members' until submission of proof of the passing of third-party on-site verification within two years of the approval date of the Candidate’s application for NACD membership.

Third-Party Verifiers

NACD Candidates, Members, and Chemical Handler Affiliates will be site verified by a third-party verifier, assigned by NACD. Those organizations will incur an additional charge for re-verification if it is found to be non-compliant after the initial review and sixty-day period of corrective action. For more information, including costs, please contact NACD. NACD's third-party verifiers are:

ABS - Quality Evaluations
Primary Contact: Cy Sharp
16855 Northchase Dr.
Houston, TX 77060
(281) 673-2941

Compliance Solutions Group
Primary Contact: Dennis Zito
16851 Jefferson Hwy., Suite 6D
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
(225) 754-0405