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NACD Celebrates 50 Years!

NACD Celebrated its 50th Anniversary by Ringing the Closing Bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell

Top Issues
& Regulatory

  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expressing concerns about the agency’s proposal to increase TSCA industry fees substantially. NACD also submitted comments in response to the EPA’s proposals to create a Tiered Data Reporting system to inform TSCA activities and to require the reporting of any perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) manufactured or imported into the U.S. since 2011. NACD also held an in-depth TSCA Workshop with 54 participants.

  • Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)

    NACD submitted detailed comments to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in response to the agency’s proposed rule to update the Hazard Communication Standard to align with a recent version of the Global Harmonization Standard on the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. NACD also testified at an OSHA public hearing on the elements of the proposed rule of greatest concern.

  • Rail Reform

    The Surface Transportation Board (STB) issued a final rule to require Class I railroads to include additional specific information on demurrage invoices. NACD commented in support of these measures. NACD also submitted comments to the STB in support of a petition requesting that the agency establish rules incentivizing the use of reciprocal demurrage among Class I railroads if these railroads delay the return of cars they do not own.

  • EPA Risk Management Program

    NACD submitted comments in response to the EPA’s reevaluation of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) rule in accordance with Executive Order 13990: Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis. NACD urged EPA not to expand RMP regulations for those already in compliance but to instead dedicate efforts to enforce compliance and ensure all facilities understand their regulatory responsibilities to protect the public and the environment. NACD also delivered this message during an EPA-hosted public listening session.

  • Fraud

    NACD worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to address several instances of financial fraud perpetrated against NACD members. The FBI provided and NACD distributed to members several bulletins on how to prevent and mitigate fraud. NACD also hosted a webinar and ChemEdge session on fraud.

  • Infrastructure

    NACD worked closely with Members of Congress to advocate for pro-business reforms to America’s aging transportation infrastructure, specifically our rail systems, highways, and bridges. NACD advocated for infrastructure proposals that protect small and large businesses and promote job creation and competitiveness.

  • Trade

    NACD continued its efforts to spur the renewal the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) and the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) trade programs that expired on December 31, 2020. NACD urged lawmakers to provide short-term, clean renewals of GSP and MTB to allow Congress to negotiate more long-term solutions without harming importers who rely of the trade programs.

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NACD mobilizes SOS on Shipping

What began as a shortage of shipping containers and labor at certain West Coast port facilities quickly morphed into a dangerous breakdown of the nation’s supply chain infrastructure. NACD began work that continues to shed light on the impact to members and the need for immediate intervention by government entities on a global scale.
NACD Shipping Crisis Webpage

Shipping Containers Ocean

Media Outreach
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Opinion Media

From April–October 2021, Eric Byer and NACD bylined articles in the Richmond-Times Dispatch, Albany Herald, Fairfax Count Times, The Morning Consult, Paint & Coatings, and Real Clear Policy.

Published Blogs

From March–September, NACD published four blog articles to help members and the public better understand shipping issues.

Shipping Survey

From March–October, NACD conducted three member surveys mapping the increasing negative impact of the shipping crisis on the industry, which was then used to raise awareness and red flags with key governmental entities.


NACD Metrics for Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) of 2021

Number of Meetings

Top Accomplishments

Affairs Stats

*As of October 29, 2021
**As of October 28, 2021

Virtual Advocacy Event

Congress Connect

NACD held a virtual Congress Connect that gave attendees the opportunity to virtually meet with their Members of Congress and talk to them directly. This new format reunited our membership with those on Capitol Hill, allowing them to personally meet their representatives.

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    On LinkedIn, we gained 1,422 impressions

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    On Twitter, we gained 106 engagements and 4,666 impressions

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    More than 100 meetings with Congressional Offices

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    More than one-third of the meetings with attendees’ Member of Congress

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    Over 50 Attendees

Political Action Committee (PAC)*

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$79,700 Raised in 2021

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10+ Legislator Events

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40 PAC Contributors

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116 Prior Approvals

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*As of October 29, 2021

7th Cycle of Responsible Distribution

January 1, 2020–December 31, 2022
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    189 site verifications have been conducted

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    4 verification models implemented to accommodate issues related to COVID-19: Traditional On-site, Virtual, Full Documentation, and Admin Documentation

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    134 companies passed verification

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    3 Responsible Distribution Adviser companies support implementation needs

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    54 virtual workshop attendees in April

  • Blue Circle

    92 workshop attendees in August

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    2 Candidacy Class training sessions had participation from 14 different companies

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    20 Responsible Distribution course offerings on NACD U

  • Blue Circle

    9 Responsible Distribution webinars

NACD U released two courses
on import/export regulations!

Chemical distributors increasingly rely on foreign suppliers to source chemicals not produced in the U.S. These courses gave participants the opportunity to learn more about “General Import Compliance” (Module One) and “Import Documentation” (Module Two) requirements.

Suppliers Orange hexagon Blue Chevron NACD U


Courses icon Courses

NACD launched four new Fire Protection Courses through NACD U. Course content was developed and provided by NACD’s strategic partner, Environment & Safety Solutions, Inc. The courses gave participants the opportunity to learn more about fire protection basics and detailed courses in storage and processing.

New Regulatory Series

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    Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) (Launching December 2021)

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    Waste Management (Launching May 2022)

Driving Operations Forward 2021

August 2021


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25 members participated in the
2021 Emerging Leaders Program

Audited Results

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FY21 Total Revenue $4,793,873

FY21 Total Expense $5,114,652

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2021 Lifetime
Achievement Award

Thomas M. Corcoran

Senior Vice President,
Global Key Accounts
Brenntag SE

2021 Lifetime
Achievement Award

Sean O’Donnell

Datacor, Inc.

2021 NACD
Distributor of the
Year Award

Lynne Bukovic

Vice President Business Development
TransChemical Inc.

2021 NACD
Distributor of the
Year Award

Steve Seeler

Industries, Inc.

2021 NACD Affiliate
of the Year Award

Pete Downing

Environment & Safety Solutions

2021 NACD Affiliate
of the Year Award

Rachelle Alexander

Vice President
Environment & Safety Solutions

2021 NACD
Employee of the
Year Award

Mike Lang

Vice President,
Education & Member Programs

2021 NACD
Employee of the
Year Award

Caroline Brooks

Director, Responsible Distribution

Responsible Distribution
Excellence Award

EMCO Chemical Distributors, Inc.

2021 Executive Committee

  • Kurt Hettinga – Chairman

    Superior Solvents & Chemicals

  • Edward Boss – Vice Chairman

    President and CEO
    Riteks, Inc.

  • Megan Bohan, Esq. - Treasurer


  • Thomas M. Corcoran –
    Immediate Past Chairman

    Senior Vice President,
    Global Key Accounts
    Brenntag S.E.

2021 Regional Presidents

  • Robert E. Carroll III

    Northeast Region
    President, R. E. Carroll, Inc.

  • Marilyn Stovall Fitzgerald

    Central Region
    President & CEO, Transchemical Inc.

  • Colie Whitaker

    Southern Region
    President, Whitaker Oil Company

  • Stephen M. Halpin

    Western Region
    President, Norman, Fox & Co.

2021 Directors-at-large

  • Lynne Bukovic

    Vice President, Business Development
    Transchemical, Inc.

  • Jessica Fegan

    Senior Director of Quality
    & Operations
    Connection Chemical LP

  • Brad Hilleary

    Webb Chemical Service Corp.

  • Jason Jacobus

    First Hyperion LLC

  • Jeff Martin

    Vice President
    Quadra Chemicals Inc.

  • Jonathan D. Webster, MBA, CSCP

    Senior Vice President, North American
    Supply Chain & Operations
    Univar Solutions

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