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Your membership in NACD gives you access to the resources developed by ICP to Recruit, Retain and Motivate Your Entry-Level Workforce

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Job Board

ICP Job Board

Looking for a place to post your next open position where it will be seen by candidates who want to work for you? The ICP Job Board features the option to choose both industrial distribution and chemical distribution as a category descriptor. Complete the free registration and browse the online database of thousands of resumes.

NACD member companies save 25% off either 30 day ($150 with discount) or 60 day ($225 with discount) job postings simply by using coupon code NACDJOBS upon checkout. Learn more at jobs.idcareers.org.


ICP Talent Tipsheet

Talent Tipsheet

Get into the minds of 16-24 year olds when it comes to their expectations in the workplace. ICP Talent Tipsheet is a free monthly e-newsletter that offers a brief recap of an article dealing with the Millennial generation in the workplace. The Tipsheet provides a link to the article and a short action step you can take to better relate to your Millennial workforce.

Sign-up at www.industrialcareerspathway.org/Tipsheet


ICP How-to-Guide: Career Fair Participation

Career Fair

Want to start your future job candidate list? Then get involved with your local high school or community/technical college and attend a career fair. This free guide tells you how to find a career fair in your area (or you can ask ICP to locate one for you). ICP also provides you with resources like postcards, banner stands and giveaways to use when you attend an event. When you’re there, talk with the students and offer those you think might make good future employees a tour of your facility.



Elements of Industrial Distribution

Elements of Industrial Distribution

Elements of Industrial Distribution is your go-to resource for training new or entry-level employees. Developed for ICP by industry professionals, Elements provides a comprehensive overview of the industrial distribution business model, the role of distributors in the supply chain and their relationships with suppliers and end-users.

Your employees will learn ID-specific Fundamentals, Operations, Customer Service & Sales, Marketing & Profitability. Available online or in print, this four-module self-study course is ideal for quickly and comprehensively bringing your employees up to speed, boosting your company’s productivity and profitability.

Note source code NACDELEM on the order form to save $50 and pay only $150 per course.


ICP Internship Guide

ICP Internship Guide

Connect with students in ways that build relationships, educate young people and introduce the field of industrial distribution to the younger generation. The free ICP How-to-Guide: Establishing Your Company’s Internship Program offers information to help you decide if an internship program is right for your company and how to get it off the ground.

Includes information on paid vs. unpaid internships, the benefits of establishing an internship program in your company, and an organizational audit — to help you decide if your firm is ready for such a program.



Employer Database Search

Employer Database Search

Let local young people find you through your website and see what you do — maybe even call you for an informational interview appointment. All NACD members (manufacturers and distributors, headquarters and branches) are listed on the ICP website and are searchable by type of company, product category, zip code, company name and state/province.



ICP Website

ICP Website

The ICP website is loaded with information on the field of industrial distribution. Be sure to check out all the resources available to you as a NACD member at www.industrialcareerspathway.org/hire. In addition to the resources mentioned above, you will also find articles written by ICP for Industrial Supply Magazine dealing with better understanding your Millennial employees. You can also direct your potential candidates to the website to learn more about the industry.


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ICP is here to help you in recruiting, hiring and training Millennials. Contact us for help in getting involved with the younger generation in your local area.

Contact ICP by phone at 312.516.2100 or email infoicp@industrialcareerspathway.org