Get to know our NACD Strategic Partner: BluePallet 

The first network marketplace purpose-built for the Chemical Distribution industry.


BluePallet is a business-to-business platform that has been custom-built for the chemical industry and serves as a proud strategic partner of the NACD.

Built entirely on two years of input from NACD members, the platform allows distributors to replicate their current Responsible Distribution practices in digital form and increase sales, reduce slow-moving and dead stock inventory, streamline document management, and move your company into the digital era.

BluePallets’s two main product offerings are a private business-to-business marketplace for NACD members and Affiliates only and web portals to allow distributors to manage their business-to-customer commerce.


Every BluePallet feature was born out of feedback and input from chemical distributors in the NACD. BluePallet is a seller-centric platform - meaning we exist to provide distributors with the functionality they need to safely grow their businesses in the digital age.

Empower Distributors

Chemical distribution is a complicated business. Distributors have unique functionality requirements and market considerations they must satisfy before they can do business online. BluePallet is the first platform to provide such functionality.


BluePallet works everyday to understand and simplify the workflows of people working in chemical distribution. The result is a platform that makes your business day a little bit easier.

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Scott Barrows, CEO and Co-Founder
Phone: (+1) 512-686-03450