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NACD strives to provide resources and support for businesses, small and large, in the chemical distribution industry. NACD has collaborated with strategic partners and developed resources designed to aid our members in every aspect of business.

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NACD Strategic Partners Services


The first network marketplace purpose-built for the Chemical Distribution industry.


EchoSystem is a business-to-business platform that has been custom-built for the chemical industry and serves as a proud strategic partner of the NACD.
Built entirely on two years of input from NACD members, the platform allows distributors to replicate their current Responsible Distribution practices in digital form and increase sales, reduce slow-moving and dead stock inventory, streamline document management, and move your company into the digital era. EchoSystem’s two main product offerings are a private business-to-business marketplace for NACD members and Affiliates only and web portals to allow distributors to manage their business-to-customer commerce.


Every EchoSystem feature was born out of feedback and input from chemical distributors in the NACD. We are a seller centric platform - meaning we exist to provide distributors with the functionality they need to safely grow their businesses in the digital age.

Chemical distribution is a complicated business. Distributors have unique functionality requirements and market considerations they must satisfy before they can do business online. EchoSystem is the first platform to provide such functionality.

We work everyday to understand and simplify the workflows of people working in chemical distribution. The result is a platform that makes your business day a little bit easier.

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Scott Barrows, CEO and Co-Founder
Phone: (833) 321-3246



Manage risk with a General Liability and Pollution insurance program designed specifically for NACD members

Environmental and General Liability Insurance Programs
AIG Logo

The NACD Insurance Program - Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program®

As a long-standing Diamond Sponsor of NACD, AIG is committed to providing NACD members with specialized insurance coverage under the only Association endorsed Insurance Program for General Liability and Environmental Coverages.

Administered by Axon Underwriting Services, LLC, The NACD Insurance Program provides Members and Affiliates exclusive access to specialized General Liability and Pollution Insurance, offering the membership:

  • 10% discount on AIG’s Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program, a single policy providing both general liability and pollution coverage (after all other credits have been taken into account)
  • Policy enhancements for NACD members that address the specific exposures of chemical distributors. AIG also has the capability to offer Excess coverage and Commercial Auto in conjunction with the purchase of the EAGLE Program.
  • Recognition of Responsible Distribution through competitive pricing and risk management credits.
  • Complimentary policyholder programs:
    • PIER (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response)® provides policyholders with 24-hour / 7-days a week access to pre-screened crisis management specialists who respond in a timely manner to environmental incidents, at pre-negotiated rates regardless of whether the incident is covered under the policy.
    • Access to exclusive NACD Insurance Program underwriting team with Axon Underwriting Services, LLC (www.axonu.com)
    • Open brokerage access — Members can use any licensed broker of their choosing
  • Value-added programs to help mitigate risk, assess security, and support effective incident response.
  • Claims Expertise is the largest in the industry with 60+ claims specialists. The depth and breadth of our operation means we can devote expertise to environmental claims of all types. We have the right resources to help you respond to an incident.

Now you can confidently manage the risks that are specific to the chemical distribution industry.

If you have any questions, please contact:

David McMillan
NACD Program Underwriting Manager
Axon Underwriting Services, LLC
Phone: 804-314-6017


Michelle Dudek
Chief Underwriting Officer
American International Group (AIG)
Phone: 302-765-1734


About Axon Underwriting Services, LLC: In an effort to strengthen its commitment and support of NACD, AIG has formed a relationship with Axon Underwriting Services, LLC (Axon). Under this agreement, Axon will dedicate its experienced environmental underwriting resources to the administration of EAGLE and EAGLE Excess products for members of NACD exclusively. This Program Administration agreement creates a specialized insurance team with the expertise needed to continue providing NACD Members and their Brokers with creative, competitive and comprehensive insurance solutions for the Chemical Distribution Industry.


About AIG: AIG is the marketing name for the worldwide property-casualty, life and retirement, and general insurance operations of American International Group, Inc. For additional information, please visit our website at www.aig.com. Products and services are written or provided by subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. Not all products and services are available in every jurisdiction, and insurance coverage is governed by actual policy language. Certain products and services may be provided by independent third parties. Insurance products may be distributed through affiliated or unaffiliated entities. Certain property-casualty coverages may be provided by a surplus lines insurer. Surplus lines insurers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds and insureds are therefore not protected by such funds.


Payment Processing

Helping merchants navigate the constant changes in the bank card industry while keeping costs low, ensuring data security, and enhancing efficiency by making it simple to run transactions. SFP offers NACD members SFP credit card and ACH/check processing services at a special discount off its regular rates.

SFP Logo

Under the new program, SFP will provide a member company a savings proposal based on its unique processing needs, an SFP consultative analysis and will quote expected program savings in advance NACD members will also enjoy these exclusive member benefits:

  • In addition to quoted savings, 10% of the net process revenue SFP generates from a member’s account will be rebated back to the member on an annual basis.
  • A 60-day trial period and no-cost equipment loaner program.
  • A 90-day trial period for members that do not currently accept credit cards.
  • A free “AccessOne” online reporting system, a $120 annual value.
  • A dedicated member helpline: (855) 632-9862.

As trusted advisors, SFP professionals assess each company’s current situation to evaluate its strengths and identify areas for improvement, and provide its employees with education on how the processing industry works and how to avoid common pitfalls



Regulatory Compliance

Environmental, health, safety and security requirements are more numerous and complicated today than ever before. In addition to federal and international regulations, the states are more active as are retailers and related private commercial entities. In an effort to assist with managing these burgeoning challenges, NACD has reinforced the regulatory compliance resources it wishes to make available to its members.

Partnership with Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

With Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., members can receive:

  • Free consultation, up to 30 minutes quarterly;
  • Discounted consulting rates, negotiated by the Association;
  • Access to training sessions and webinars scheduled throughout the year; and
  • Updates on compliance and regulatory changes.

To see a complete list of issues they can help you with and how to reach them please visit Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

Access Our Compliance Resources


Talent Recruitment

Hire the best talent to drive your business forward

Align Talent with Business Needs
Caliper Logo

Caliper's scientifically validated methods of predicting workplace performance can help your company achieve its goals when hiring new employees or transitioning staff to new responsibilities.

Accurately predict workplace performance with a number of assessments covering:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Talent Development
  • Corporate Culture

Make sure your company hired the best talent to drive your business forward. Discounted rates available to NACD members & Affiliates. Click here to learn more, or call (609) 524-1200 today to access these tools.

Recruit, Retain, and Motivate Your Entry-Level Workforce

Industrial Careers Pathway


NACD Business Services

Customer Survey Response Templates

Standardize your responses to customer inquiries

Is your company faced with onerous inquiries from business partners and prospects for similar information? NACD developed two customer survey response templates that you can customize to respond to those requests! Our hope is 1) to cut down on the workload that our members have fielding and completing these requests, and 2) further build on the identity and brand of NACD and our Responsible Distribution program. Ideally, we would like interested parties to recognize a standard response from the chemical industry. Let us know your thoughts about these to mlang@nacd.com.


Industry Performance Reporting

Benchmark your company's productivity against industry metrics to improve business practices

The mission of NACD is to enhance and communicate the professionalism and stewardship of the chemical distribution industry. In doing this, it is important that NACD be seen as the premier authority on industry information related to chemical distribution in the United States. When reporters, Congressional staff and everyday citizens need information on chemical distribution, NACD should be the go-to source – not partisan advocacy groups, private undocumented data services, or federal agencies that might be ill-informed.

For this reason, NACD is undertaking a new initiative to upgrade and enhance our internal data management and collection systems. We hired John Dunham and Associates (JDA) as our partner in this effort. JDA conducted our 2015 Economic Impact Analysis, works with dozens of industry trade associations and understands the importance of ensuring that data are kept both accurate and confidential.

Under this initiative, we will be completing a number of new projects including:

  • The creation of a comprehensive data warehouse incorporating internal industry data, our Economic Impact Analysis, company survey data, and various government sources;
  • The development of an extensive geo-database of facility information;
  • A 2017 update of our Economic Impact Analysis; and,
  • A regulatory model allowing us to provide the press, members of Congress and regulatory agencies with data on the impact of proposed rules, taxes and other policies on our industry.

To this end, we are streamlining our survey process. In early 2017, we ended our relationship with Industry Insights in favor of consolidating multiple surveys and data collection into one comprehensive survey, with the goal being to lessen the burden of data collection on our members and to expand this effort to non-member firms over time.

Please see this FAQ document for more information about how this new initiative will work. Note: The safety portion of the survey will still be mandatory for all distributor members per NACD bylaws. We anticipate delivering robust data back to NACD member organizations and better representing their interests in the future.

To learn more about this initiative, please contact Aileen Smith at asmith@nacd.com.

Chemical Distribution's Economic Impact  

View and download economic data by state, county, and district



Invest in your employees' professional development with in-person conference and online education

Association Education Alliance

NACD is a member and partner of the Association Education Alliance (AEA), an organization that provides valuable educational opportunities to its members. NACD members and Affiliates can therefore participate in all educational events at a discount rate. Some of these events include the annual University of Industrial Distribution (UID) Conference, the Young Distribution Professionals Conference, the Four Pillars of the Sales Profession seminars, and quarterly webinars which cover a variety of topics.

Events, Information and Registration


Online Training

Professional development right from the comfort of your desk


NACD’sonline training center is specifically designed to improve the skills, knowledge, and professional development of workers in the chemical distribution industry at an affordable cost. 


Complimentary 60-minute webinars on business issues, Responsible Distribution, and regulatory compliance.


Responsible Distribution

Review tools and resources to assist in your company's third-party onsite verification


Take advantage of rental car discounts when on business travel

Rental Car Discounts

Hertz provides NACD members a choice of some of the most popular offers, while also taking advantage of your year-round member discounts. At one of the hundreds of Hertz Local Edition locations, just call and they will come get you.

With a Member Savings Card, you receive year-round membership discounts and your choice of one of the following offers each time you rent. Offers are subject to blackout and availability.

  • One car class upgrade in the U.S. or Canada
  • $10 off a weekly rental
  • Free Child Seat on a weekly rental

Mention the CDP#1108181 when making your reservation to receive the NACD discounts. Visit www.hertz.com, call your travel agent, or call Hertz at 1-800-654-2210.