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What to Expect During Responsible Distribution Verification


Since the launch of Responsible Distribution three decades ago, NACD’s mandatory third-party verified environmental, health, safety, and security program has cemented its reputation across the chemical sector as a mark of quality and assurance. Member companies that follow these practices and bear its logo are able to demonstrate they are operating to high standards and pursuing continuous improvement.

NACD is committed to helping our members navigate the various codes, and we have a huge pool of resources available.

Last month we ran a webinar outlining exactly what Verifiers look for before, during, and after verification.

We were lucky to be joined by two verifiers, Lance Roux of SafetyPro Resources and Brett Simpson at Compliance Solutions Group, who offered a fresh perspective on the process.

The session provided some valuable insight into the preparations and the key takeaways from a verification, as well as what to expect during a visit to your site or warehouse. It also highlighted effective planning methods, the common pitfalls, the best way to respond to any issues, as well as a Q&A following the presentation.

First and foremost, I think it’s important not to see Verifiers as intimidating. Ultimately, they’re here to help; think of them as consultants. They’d like nothing more than a smooth verification, and we encourage you to take advantage of the resources and expertise they bring.

Although this can be a daunting process, it’s all about being organized.

Take time to create an easily accessible verification folder (electronic or hard copy) for each individual code. Keep your important documents on hand – such as site plans, standard operating procedures, emergency response plans, training information, and logs.

It’s also essential to get your team involved in the process. Make sure they know the Verifier is coming and explain what to expect. Ensure everyone knows their responsibilities and that they’re ready for any questions they may be asked.

Remember, the Verifier needs your documentation and company overviews well in advance of a verification (at least 30 days) – and it’s never too early to start planning.

There are plenty of useful tools and resources available to members to help you navigate the process. If you’re unsure about what to include, don’t forget to refer to the Specifications and Guidance document, for example.

Always provide clear and concise information. Include sufficient detail but keep it relevant and double-check your formatting and content.

On the day of the verification, take a physical walk through the facility and check whether anything is out of place and that general housekeeping is in order.

The current cycle of the Responsible Distribution program started in January 2020 and has evolved because of the increasingly complex environment we face due to COVID-19.

Given the current situation, the 7th Cycle now has several models available to members:

  • Site Verification
  • Virtual Verification
  • Full Document Verification
  • Admin Document Verification

NACD’s Responsible Distribution team is always on-hand for advice and guidance – and don’t forget to visit our website to access useful resources, including our brand new Responsible Distribution Coaching specializing in one-on-one assistance with the Responsible Distribution dashboard.

If you missed the February presentation, click the following link to watch the full webinar:




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