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Time to Ensure Your Emergency Preparedness Plan is In Place

The first week of May is Hurricane Preparedness Week. Hurricanes and other natural disasters are a fact of life. Because a natural disaster can suddenly pose a threat, preparedness is key for responsible chemical distributors.

NACD members must be particularly astute when it comes to disaster preparedness. Many chemicals can be dangerous if not stored or taken care of properly. Having standards and plans in place to safeguard these chemicals, the employees who work with them, and the communities in which the company operates is a key part of being a responsible distributor.

To best prepare our members and Affiliates for dealing with potential disasters, NACD has a Natural Disaster Resource Center, which houses resources and information from federal government agencies and 24 state governments.

Having easy access to resources and information isn’t enough though. NACD members and Affiliates must have plans in place ahead of the time a disaster strikes. This is a crucial part of Responsible Distribution, NACD’s flagship, third-party-certified set of health, safety, and security standards for chemical distributors.

You cannot stop a natural disaster from occurring; but, you can minimize the damage that comes with it by being prepared ahead of time and familiarizing yourself with the resources available to guide distributors through their responses. Through the Responsible Distribution program and the resources available at NACD’s Natural Disaster Resource Center, NACD requires distributors to plan for emergencies and provides the tools to help distributors develop the relationships and resources they need to execute those plans.

NACD stands ready to support our members and their communities in preparing for and responding to disasters. Preparedness is key to success. Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1; 93% of California is in severe drought; and the number of events and the economic and human costs of natural disasters are on the uptick. Now is the time to make sure you are prepared.

Access NACD’s Natural Disaster Resource Center here.

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