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The Winner of the 2021 50 for 50 Site Visit Challenge Is....

Last summer, we launched the “50 for 50 Site Visit Challenge” to mark NACD’s 50th anniversary, and today we are delighted to announce that Mat Brainerd and his team at Brainerd Chemical Company, Inc., are the winners of our grand prize!

For hosting the most site visits, Brainerd Chemical Company will receive a complimentary ticket to our Washington Fly-In, taking place this upcoming spring.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you for contributing to our ongoing advocacy efforts.

Although we fell just shy of our ambitious target of achieving 50 site visits over the summer, given the situation with COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions, it’s remarkable that so many of you were still able to participate.

All those that did participate were entered into a prize draw, with five entries being chosen at random. They will receive not only a framed letter of recognition signed by their Member of Congress but our coveted bundle of NACD merchandise, with items including an NACD tumbler, NACD masks, a Responsible Distribution vest, and commemorative lapel pins for the 50th anniversary of NACD and the 30th anniversary of Responsible Distribution. The lucky winners are:

  • Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc.;
  • Whitaker Oil Company;
  • EMCO Chemical Distributors Inc.;
  • Chem/Serv, Inc.;
  • Third Coast Chemicals

I’d particularly like to shout out to our Government Affairs Coordinator, Nick Breslin, who has worked tirelessly to make all this possible in recent months – supporting NACD members, working with the relevant committees, and following up with the various offices.

Site visits continue to be extremely popular with both members and legislators alike, providing the perfect opportunity to build relationships, share experiences, and raise awareness.

With the current administration pushing for increased regulation on energy and chemicals,  we must relay to Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle; what NACD members are doing for their community and how important chemicals are to our everyday lives.

Equally, we must use these opportunities to engage with policymakers and highlight the many issues that impact our businesses.

Take the ongoing supply chain difficulties and the problems with the ocean carriers and port backlogs as an example. It is the most prevailing news right now; NACD has been championing this since the start of the year and urging action from our Members of Congress.

Site visits are an essential part of bringing our concerns to the forefront. Hosting a site visit allows them to see first-hand the vital work you do as a chemical distributor, employer, and the part you play in your local community.

Even though the Challenge is now over, it is a new year and NACD is still actively scheduling site visits. Stay tuned for updates as we broaden this program to include regulatory branches in an effort to help our members and Affiliates forge deeper connections with Capitol Hill.

If you’re interested in hosting your own visit, contact me at or find out more on our website at .


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