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Take Advantage of Responsible Distribution with Help from NACD

This year’s Annual Meeting featured a new video highlighting what NACD members are saying about NACD Responsible Distribution® and how it has helped them demonstrate their commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal. 

As we look back on 2018, we wanted to highlight the hard work of our members and the remarkable results delivered by their participation in Responsible Distribution. As you see in the video, the mandatory third-party-verified environmental, health, safety and security program helps NACD members and Chemical Handler Affiliates be more prepared and proactive, set higher quality standards, appropriately address challenges, and get employees involved in company successes. As a result of this program, our member companies and Affiliates are more active and engaged leaders in their communities, providing assistance and guidance to local, state, and federal legislators and regulators on technical issues regarding safety and security in chemical distribution. The program also provides tangible business and safety benefits. 

While the number of shipments per employee increased 14.8 percent over the last year, the number of incidents has continued to fall. NACD members demonstrated a 33.8 percent decline in incidents over the past seven years according to our annual Membership and Safety Report, allowing member companies to safely deliver product every six seconds. The program’s safety impact is not the only impressive statistic; by participating in Responsible Distribution, NACD chemical distributors saved an average of $5,000 per company last year alone. 

NACD is committed to ensuring every member company has the tools and resources it needs to effectively implement Responsible Distribution’s management system. Workshops and NACD U online courses help companies educate and engage employees at all levels to create a knowledgeable workforce that understands complex regulations and what they mean for their business. The program provides plenty of opportunities to connect with and learn from peers in the industry, as well as a top-notch mentorship program. The Code Coordinator Manual is an essential tool for companies that are new to the program, those who have new Responsible Distribution Code Coordinators, or those seeking to train additional employees. In 2018, NACD launched two new verification assistance tools: an electronic Self-Assessment Report and the Verification Roadmap.  These new tools, along with the Responsible Distribution dashboard, were developed to further aid companies in implementing their programs and completing successful on-site verifications.  A step-by-step tutorial of how to navigate the new verification tools can be viewed here

We are proud of Responsible Distribution’s 2018 successes and look forward to continuing our commitment to improving the industry in 2019 and beyond. As always, if you ever need help implementing Responsible Distribution, don’t hesitate to reach out to NACD.


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