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Sustainable Trucking Isn't the Future – It's Already Here

At the National Association of Chemical Distributors, we take pride in placing the highest priority on the health, safety, and security of our employees, our communities, and the environment. Since 1991, Responsible Distribution, NACD’s mandatory third-party verified environmental, health, safety, and security program, has helped our members live up to these tenets. The program ensures that NACD and its members have all the necessary tools at their disposal to safely store, handle, transport, and dispose of chemicals.

An increasingly important part of NACD’s responsibility journey is sustainability. In addition to everything else that Responsible Distribution entails, chemical distributors must consider factors like warehousing, transportation, storage, and related servicing of chemical products in the context of the United States’ sustainability challenges and objectives.

August is trucking month at NACD, and as a part of this month’s spotlight, NACD is taking a closer look at how one of our member companies, Univar Solutions, is focusing on trucking and sustainability to meet its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals while also fulfilling Responsible Distribution sustainability objectives.

Univar Solutions has spent the last decade setting and implementing sustainability programs as a part of its organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. As a part of its mission, Univar Solutions is moving toward a trucking fleet that utilizes multiple alternative fuels and is now focused on achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Travis Vedral, HQ Director of Transportation at Univar Solutions, recounted the questions that guide the organization’s model as it implements sustainable trucking programs:

  • What is the business application we are solving for?
  • Which alternative fueling options align with our business applications?
  • Are government funds or grants available?
  • How will the funding fast-track renewable solutions?

For example, Vedral stated that net-zero tailpipe emission electric vehicles (EVs) continue to perform well in metropolitan areas compared to compressed natural gas-powered trucks. This may be better suited to transport bulk products depending on the location, infrastructure, and resources available.

Univar Solutions’ long-term organizational goals are to create further synergy within the ingredient and chemical distribution supply chain while keeping communities healthy, fed, clean, and safe. For Vedral, these goals are all about creating a safe and sustainable future for the next generation. And for chemical distributors, he added, it is all about optimizing existing resources and implementing steps to meet sustainability commitments.

Be sure to check out NACD’s issue pages to learn more about Responsible Distribution, sustainability, and trucking.


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