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Take Advantage of NACD's New Online Directory to Reach More Customers and Suppliers

NACD’s membership directory has long been an important resource to help keep our members connected. Just over a year ago, NACD pushed forward with the idea to implement a new format for their membership directory by going digital!

This cutting-edge directory launched in April 2019. It features company listings of distributor members, Affiliates, service providers, and producers. The company listings can be as simple or complex as each individual company chooses. Through these profiles, companies can update their logo, description, address, social media information, employees, and company news sources instantly, ensuring the information is always up-to-date. By utilizing these profiles and keeping them updated, companies can acquire followers of their news feed to ensure they are staying top-of-mind and gaining brand recognition among their peers and potential suppliers, customers, and vendors.

In addition to hosting these profiles, the NACD membership directory is now a source for news articles that are by members of the chemical distribution industry, for members of the chemical distribution industry. Active participants can post their own news updates manually or allow the algorithm that’s built into the directory’s artificial intelligence to automatically source news for them from their websites.

But more important than what the directory is technically capable of is the significance of what it could mean to the chemical distribution industry if we start taking advantage of the news and the connections that are now at our fingertips. With the click of a mouse, you can search by product, market, and service codes. Didn’t get a business card from that great connection at your last NACD event? There’s a chance their phone number is right in the directory. This is quite literally a database of information at your disposal just for being a member or Affiliate of NACD.

In April, NACD sent out the widespread announcement to notify members that the directory was officially open for business. Since then, approximately 200 of our 541 distributor members, Affiliates, service providers, and producers have logged in to update their profiles—only 37.5 percent. In order for the membership directory to have its full effect, it’s critical that you log in to the system and update your profile if you haven’t already done so.

So, the next time you’re looking for a producer in the aerospace market, or a container service provider, make sure you’re using the resource that’s been built for you. We hope and expect this new online directory will make your research time more efficient so that you can go back to doing the work that carries our industry forward.

Click here to access the membership directory. The secure link to your individual company profile should have been provided to you via email, this link will allow you access to the back-end of your profile in order to make company updates. For those of you who’ve yet to sign-in and aren’t sure how, or are unable to track down your secure link, please reach out to Aileen Smith.


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