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New NACD U Course Tackles Trade

NACD is pleased to announce the addition of a new importing and trade course to its online training center, NACD U.

Is your business thinking about importing? Do you have all the processes, paperwork, and procedures in place to ensure you’re both successful and compliant?

International trade has been quite a talking point over this past year and with the new administration, it will surely remain a key area focus moving forward.

That’s why we’ve introduced a dedicated course to explain the intricacies of importing chemical products into the U.S.

Split over two modules, our two-part on-demand training has been developed by Michael Ford, Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs at logistics provider BDP International, Inc.

“This course is new for 2021 and looks at everything you need to know, and the steps you should take,” says Ford. “More and more companies are expanding their reach beyond the U.S. market and are starting to import chemicals to grow their business. To do this, they need to understand the role of Customs and the government agencies, and how to deal with them.”

Each of the 40-minute segments focuses on the many opportunities posed by importing, and provides a deep dive into the various rules, regulations, and requirements.

“The two parts have been specially designed to help NACD members understand everything you need to know to be able to do business outside of U.S.,” he adds. “It's very important to get this right because, at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility.”

“This is about unlocking your potential and making sure you’re not afraid to take those first steps looking beyond our borders. The aim is to show that not only can you do this, but that it can help your business.”

The first part looks at the roles and responsibilities of an importer, while the second module focuses on documentation, declarations, and details.

“There's already lot of information out there on the internet but chemical distributors need to be careful about what they read and what they believe. Working with NACD, we have tried to identify all the key things you need to know,” says Ford.

Module 1 – General Import Compliance considers the reasonable care standard for importers, liquidation, Customs and Border Protection communication, and the actions that need to be taken before and after bringing goods into the country.

  • What is the Reasonable Care Standard and how does it apply to businesses?
  • What is liquidation of an import entry and why do importers need to understand it?
  • What are the steps importers need to take to review their Custom House Broker?
  • What corrections and/or updates can be made to an entry after the goods have been delivered?
  • What are Post Summary Corrections and Prior Disclosures?
  • How does the U.S. Customs & Border Protection communicate, what forms do they use, and what actions do importers need to take?

Module 2 – Import Documentation looks at the various documentation that is required when importing goods into the U.S., including updates on the forms and record keeping requirements.

  • What is the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and why is it critical for submitting documentation to Customs and Border Protection?
  • What documents must be kept by the importer under the record keeping regulations?
  • What are the options are available for the importer if any corrections need to take place after the good arrive at your door?
  • What are the tips for recordkeeping that will bring you success?
  • What documents will your Custom Broker maintain?
  • What are the penalty amounts in place in case of a failure to maintain the proper documents?


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