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NACD Membership: Do You Have What It Takes?

For over 50 years, NACD has been the voice of chemical distribution in the nation. There are now more than 400 companies that are part of our association – a diverse blend of businesses spanning every part of the chemical supply chain. Whether you're a distributor, chemical warehouse, carrier, service provider, equipment manufacturer, or chemical supplier – we’re here to represent you and promote the professionalism and stewardship of our industry.

A condition of membership for distributor members and Chemical Handler Affiliates is a commitment to our Responsible Distribution program, NACD’s third-party verified environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) initiative. Having recently celebrated its 30th year, Responsible Distribution has become synonymous with high standards, practices of excellence, and continuous improvement.  It is in that spirit of continuous improvement; Responsible Distribution will increase its focus on sustainability starting in 2023.

Once you’ve passed your first verification, you’ll then be able to bear NACD’s Responsible Distribution verified logo – demonstrating your commitment to operating at the very highest industry standards.

Until then, applicants are considered candidate distributor members – a phase that can last for up to three years. During this period, you have many of the benefits that regular members receive; you can register for meetings at discounted member rates and benefit from our various events, workshops, and industry resources.

The association’s membership base has broadened considerably over the years. Today, besides supporting and advocating for chemical distributors themselves, we offer various Affiliate categories, including:

  • Chemical Handler Affiliates – chemical warehouses, asset-based carriers, and transportation companies.
  • Chemical Producer Affiliates – chemical manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Service Provider Affiliates – companies that do not necessarily handle, store, transport, or stock chemicals but provide an invaluable service to the industry. This could include consultants, insurance companies, and equipment manufacturers.
  • Global Distribution Partner Affiliates – distribution businesses that have no offices or facilities in the U.S. but do business here.

Details about all NACD members and Affiliates can be viewed through our online membership directory. This powerful tool allows searches to be refined by membership type, region, and product. There’s also a warehouse and carrier locator map displaying Chemical Handler Affiliates, including their headquarters and subsidiary facilities. 

Companies who are interested in exploring more about the benefits of being an NACD member but aren't quite ready to commit to full membership or don’t currently have the available resources to commit to the Responsible Distribution process right now,  we also offer our Associate Trial Program to give you a taste of what to expect when you join NACD.

For a nominal fee, companies from any member or Affiliate category can get a better idea of the association and the many benefits and resources we have to offer. They then have up to two years to decide whether they would like to transition to a full member, giving them the opportunity to attend a few meetings and network with other like-minded companies. Associates benefit from discounted rates for our events and receive our weekly NewsBrief and ChemBytes newsletters.

For those of you who are not yet a member but want to take advantage of the many benefits and resources NACD has to offer, visit our website to find out more. Alternatively, contact me directly by emailing  or calling (571) 482-3067. Anyone who processes, formulates, blends, warehouses, or transports chemical products is welcome to join and help make our industry stronger and safer!

All applications need to be approved by the board, which meets in February, May, August, and November each year. You’ll also need the backing of a sponsor – a current NACD distributor member in good standing. New to the industry and are having trouble finding a sponsor for the application? NACD can help reach out to learn more.

Being an NACD member and part of our celebrated EHS&S risk management program, Responsible Distribution has innumerable benefits and advantages. Together, we’re making the chemical distribution industry a better, safer place to conduct business!


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