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Make Sure You're Prepared This Hurricane Season

Make Sure You're Prepared This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is certainly upon us. Just as the Gulf Coast recovers from Tropical Storm Gordon, the East Coast is preparing for Hurricane Florence, which is expected to make landfall within the next day or so. While Florence may be the first hurricane to hit the mainland United States in what has been a relatively quiet hurricane season until now, we remember all too well the enormous damage done by Harvey, Irma, and Maria last year. September is historically the most active month for hurricanes, and as the East Coast braces for Hurricane Florence, it is as vital as ever to be prepared in case disaster strikes. 

NACD members understand the importance of being prepared for the potential devastation of a hurricane. Working with chemicals on a daily basis, chemical distributors have a particular responsibility to ensure their facilities are safeguarded to the best of their ability in the case of a natural disaster. We have a responsibility not only to our businesses and industry, but to the communities where we operate.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources available to help us prepare, not least of which is Responsible Distribution. The program encourages communication with local officials and emergency response teams, fostering effective and open cooperation within our communities across the country. We know that participation in Responsible Distribution has resulted in fewer incidents in every day operations as well as during emergency situations.

NACD also provides its members with valuable material on our Hurricane Resource Center, which is updated regularly with the most relevant information as hurricanes and tropical storms begin to form and make landfall. The page is host to numerous storm- and state-specific resources, and below are some additional tools from the federal government and non-profits that can help you prepare:

Using these resources in conjunction with Responsible Distribution, any chemical distributor can develop a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan. Companies should make sure they review and update their plan regularly and keep employees abreast of any changes. Doing so will help ready your facility for a storm at a moment’s notice and will ensure that all employees know exactly what to do.

We know how devastating the consequences can be if one is unprepared for a hurricane. Lives and property are at stake. It is essential that we never underestimate the power of these dangerous storms, and make sure we are primed to take them on, whenever they hit. Remember, NACD stands ready to support our members and communities in any way we can. Please contact Jennifer Gibson at or (571) 482-3047 if we can be of assistance.