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Get Active This Political Season

If you need motivation to become active in this year’s election process, this is no shortage of critical issues that NACD member companies should address with their Members of Congress as they head home for the final recess before the 2022 midterm election cycle.

From the Superfund Tax that was included in the infrastructure bill last fall that continues to challenge both industry and the Internal Revenue Service to implement, to reinstating trade programs including the Generalized System of Preferences and the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, there is much left to be fixed by Congress. So what can we do? Our members can play a pivotal role in how Congress addresses these issues moving forward this election season.

First, invite your U.S. House and Senate members to your facility this October. This is prime time tour season for legislators as they look for re-election votes come November 8th. NACD has a site visit program where we walk you through the process from start to finish. In many ways, hosting your local lawmakers is the most impactful thing an NACD member company can do this political season!

Second, write your Members of Congress to weigh in on issues affecting our industry. Pre-written letters on shipping, trade, and more can be found on Believe it or not, most House and Senate members do keep close tabs on how people support and oppose the issues they vote on. So, take advantage of this quick and easy process to lend your voice to important industry issues that have lasting effects on your company. And don’t stop there—pass the link around to the employees in your company. The more folks adding to the NACD voice, the more likely we are to make concrete headway in getting those issues addressed on Capitol Hill!

Third, vote. Vote, vote, vote. Yes, I am sure you hear this all the time via radio ads, tv commercials, and social media snippets, especially this time of the year. And some of you might be thinking, what is the point? I don’t like the candidates, I don’t want to wait in line, and ultimately, what good will my vote really have in the legislative process on Capitol Hill? Well, your vote carries a lot more weight than you realize. We are seeing more and more House and even statewide Senate races where the difference in vote totals can be as miniscule as 50 to 100 votes. And more counties around the country are opening up early voting where you can vote in-person several weeks before the actual election day, Tuesday, November 8—early voting is highly encouraged for members of NACD who plan to attend Annual Meeting this year. And remember, your vote could change the outcome of a race. Elected officials become chairs of committees that have jurisdiction over critical issues important to our industry.  

The bottom line is, get active today! Members of Congress do care and want your vote. Take advantage of that fact today by inviting them to your facilities for a site visit, writing them on the issues that matter, and by all means, VOTE!



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