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Code Coordinators: The Unsung Heroes of Responsible Distribution

As any chemical distributor will tell you, it can literally take a village to comply with all the regulations facing your company. While NACD Responsible Distribution® offers the backbone and infrastructure needed to demonstrate your commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal, it takes a dedicated professional in every company to make sure these guiding principles are woven into the fabric of your company.

These professionals often wear many hats, but at the end of the day they pride themselves in also answering to the title of Responsible Distribution Code Coordinators. Put simply, Code Coordinators are the people responsible for bringing Responsible Distribution to life — overseeing the implementation of the program from the ground up. Oftentimes, most Code Coordinators are expected to carry out this role in addition to their primary position.

While Code Coordinators face varying day-to-day responsibilities, they all play an important role in organizing and implementing the changes needed to improve workplace safety and stay compliant with Responsible Distribution. They are constantly communicating with employees, evaluating resources and suppliers and accounting for unforeseen challenges that may face their company — regulatory or otherwise. And at the end of the day, Code Coordinators can perform best when receiving support and buy-in from senior management.

As Azelis Code Coordinator Andy Lovenduski explains, “At Azelis, the dedication to Responsible Distribution starts at the top and is reinforced at the different levels throughout the entire organization. This commitment from senior management makes it easier for the Code Coordinators to align our processes to the Codes of Management Practice.”

Most Code Coordinators aren’t focused solely on environmental, health, safety, and security issues. Yet they still take the time to learn the procedures needed to keep their companies compliant. While this can be a challenge for anyone, Code Coordinators have several resources at their disposal to get up to speed and demystify Responsible Distribution requirements. .

NACD U provides a strong foundation in helping understand the ins and outs of Responsible Distribution. Beyond that, NACD’s Responsible Distribution Mentor Program makes sure that a Responsible Distribution expert is never more than one call away from answering your questions. To ensure you’ve covered all your bases, NACD’s Self-Assessment Report can be very useful in making sure every Code is at Stage V, the final stage for that Responsible Distribution specification. Code Coordinators will also be happy to hear that this year’s virtual ChemEdge Conference will feature a dynamic panel discussion on the importance of a strong partnership between senior management and Code Coordinators in maintaining a strong Responsible Distribution program.

No matter what type of work you do in chemical distribution, you probably have a Responsible Distribution Code Coordinator to thank. Code Coordinators are truly the unsung heroes of Responsible Distribution and play an integral role in prompting safety and improved performance throughout the workplace. It’s on everyone to know the Codes of Responsible Distribution. But it takes a Code Coordinator to bring them to life.


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