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ChemEdge 2020: Virtual Event, Real Connections

ChemEdge has long served as an operational roadmap and gathering place for chemical distributors to share the best of what we know to the people that make our work matter. This has been a difficult year for everyone, and I’m sure we’ve all had to make changes to protect the businesses we run and the employees that power them. After weeks of assessing the latest COVID-19 information from public health authorities and government officials, NACD and the ChemEdge Committee have decided to move forward with a solely virtual event for ChemEdge 2020.

This wasn’t an easy decision. The safety and health of members, staff, speakers, exhibitors, attendees, and the larger safety community has always been our top priority. With the continued proliferation of COVID-19 cases across the country, it became apparent that shifting toward an exclusively virtual event was the right thing to do.

While this year’s event may feel different than normal, the virtual event will provide everything you’ve come to expect from ChemEdge — including the latest insights on important regulatory issues, a deep-dive into the latest products and services available to our industry, and access to experts and peers to discuss new and innovative solutions to the evolving challenges we face every day.

While I'm disappointed that I won’t be able to see everyone in person this year, I wanted to make clear our commitment to ensuring this virtual experience features the same sessions and smart insights as our in-person offering historically has. We know that ChemEdge is about making connections, and we're making a concerted effort to prioritize functions in our app that make it easier to do so. In addition to being able to virtually interact with vendors, participants will also be able to chat with each other online, network, and even virtually visit our expo hall. Our team has been working hard to deliver an exciting and robust three-day event. There’s a lot to cover. We want participants to be able to approach this content at their own pace – particularly when it’s most relevant to them. That’s why we’ve decided to make a recording of the event available to participants for up to 60 days afterwards.

At the end of the day, ChemEdge is about community, and our people are the reason we do this event. We sincerely hope you can participate this year, and we appreciate your understanding as we try something new. I’m beyond thankful for all the dedicated staff who have poured their hearts into making this event a success and look forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio next year.


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