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Answering Your Questions About Congress Connect

Whether Congress is writing new laws, reauthorizing existing laws, or failing to act on issues important to the chemical distribution industry, policymakers in Washington have the ability to both positively and negatively affect our industry and the choices individual companies make to remain successful. 

Washington Fly-Ins have long served as an important opportunity to ensure that our advocacy efforts are being heard on Capitol Hill and give elected officials visibility into the important behind-the-scenes work that chemical distributors are doing in their home states.  While in-person fly-ins and site visits are not an option in the current environment, virtual fly-ins can accomplish many of the same objectives as an in-person visit.

This May, NACD is bringing back the opportunity to speak one-on-one with your local legislators with our new legislative advocacy event: Congress Connect. Join us to share the story of chemical distributors and the supply chain that America has relied on to ensure safe delivery of vital chemicals during the COVID pandemic and beyond.

How to Participate This Year

Congress Connect is designed to fit periodic congressional meetings into your schedule over the span of two weeks, and it’s never been easier to participate.

Just follow the below steps to begin setting up meetings with your local policymakers today:

1. Sign up for the Congress Connect event at

2. Sit back while NACD sets up your meetings with local legislators.

3. Join us in May for the Congressional Advocacy 101 session to prep for your meetings.

4. Share the chemical distribution story with Congress from May 4 through May 14, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule meetings with my Congressional representatives?

Simply register online and NACD staff will handle setting up the meetings.

What am I going to talk about with my elected officials?

NACD will provide you with relevant background on our major policy issues, and we’ll schedule a time to discuss and practice the talking points in advance of your scheduled meetings.

Where should I conduct the virtual meetings?

Any location that is conducive for a meeting and has a good internet connection is ideal for Congress Connect appointments. You could even give a brief, virtual tour of your facility during your Congress Connect visit.

What if I’m asked a question that I can’t answer?

Rest assured that an NACD staff member will participate in every Congress Connect call and will be available to help guide and navigate the discussion in real-time.

Will I be meeting with my elected officials every day for two weeks?

NACD will schedule periodic meetings with your elected officials based on your schedule throughout the two-week period. Most members will have one to two meetings based on their availability.

Secure your space and register online today or download a hard copy registration form.



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