Virtual Site Visits

Virtually Meet With Your Legislative Officials

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it is to expect and prepare for the unexpected. Given the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, NACD is offering virtual site visits to ensure you can still forge lasting connections with your local legislators.

Not only do they offer a great forum to enhance an elected official’s understanding of your operations and how processes have been adjusted to work during COVID-19, but they also provide a great opportunity to showcase your employees in a more intimate setting. Virtual site visits can also be easier to coordinate with Members of Congress because they require less of a time commitment.

If you’d like to set up a virtual or in-person facility visit today:

  1. Contact NACD staff at (703) 527-6223 to let them know when you are available to host a visit.
  2. NACD staff will reach out to your Member of Congress’ office directly to coordinate schedules.
  3. Once a day and time are confirmed, NACD staff will email you briefing materials and talk to you personally about the federal issues relevant to the site visit.
  4. Meet with the Member of Congress a to discuss important federal issues plaguing our industry. NACD staff will be on the Zoom to help facilitate the conversation.
  5. Take pictures of your visit with the Member of Congress, and report the details of your visit back to NACD staff.

Questions? Contact Doug Leigh.