Policy Issues

"NACD provides us with the tools we need to effectively advocate our industry’s positions in Washington, DC. We need to stay involved and stay informed if we want to impact the legislative and regulatory process."

— Mathew A. Brainerd, Brainerd Chemical Co., Inc.

NACD works to educate our members and the public on current policy and promoting informed legislation for the betterment of the chemical distribution industry and society. Click the topics below to view position papers and letters from NACD on the critical policy issues of our industry.

NACD supports reforming the regulatory process to reduce unnecessary burdens, to ensure the benefits of regulations are worth the costs, and to simplify the process for the regulated community.

For further questions about NACD’s advocacy efforts and public policy please contact Erin Getz, Coordinator of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs at egetz@nacd.com.