In-Person Site Visits

Meet Face-to-Face with Your Legislative Officials

From cargo shipping delays to badly needed rail reform, showing (and telling) the Responsible Distribution journey and elevating our industry’s challenges during in-person site visits never grows old.

While many of us are gearing up for summer vacation, Members of Congress are preparing for an extended district work period during August recess. When senators and representatives are in their home states and districts for summer recess, it’s the perfect time for NACD members to invite them to take a facility tour or convene a town hall with employees. By doing so, they can see first-hand why we need their support.

If you’d like to set up a virtual or in-person facility visit today:

  1. Contact NACD staff at (703) 527-6223 to let them know when you are available to host a visit.
  2. NACD staff will reach out to your Member of Congress’ office directly to coordinate schedules.
  3. Once a day and time are confirmed, NACD staff will email you briefing materials and talk to you personally about the federal issues relevant to the site visit.
  4. Give the Member of Congress a brief tour of your facility, followed by a meeting on the federal issues. NACD staff will be on-hand to help.
  5. Take pictures of your visit with the Member of Congress, and report the details of your visit back to NACD staff.

Questions? Contact Doug Leigh.