Chemical Distribution's Economic Impact

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The chemical distribution industry has been creating good paying, locally-focused jobs in the United States for decades. Through NACD’s Responsible Distribution® program, the industry is twice as safe as all manufacturing combined as a direct result of its environmental, health, safety and security practices. According to an independent analysis conducted in 2019 by John Dunham and Associates, our industry is a major economic engine successfully employing over 80,000 people and generating $7.46 billion in tax revenue for local communities across the country, all while delivering valuable products to every industry sector.

Job and other economic data can be broken down by national, state, and Congressional District using the menu below.

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NACD's Industry Watch

NACD's Industry Watch is a new monthly economic report created exclusively for NACD members and Affiliates. Each month, this report will be a centralized source of industry and economic statistics for and about the chemical distribution industry.






NACD's The Profitable Distributor

The Profitable Distributor is a new quarterly newsletter series reporting on longer-term economic trends facing the chemical distribution industry. Over time, this quarterly communication will provide highlights from the industry data collection system, including reporting on industry surveys and other research that may be conducted from time to time. The quarterly report will also include some general economic forecasts from a variety of sources, along with our own forecast of the economy going forward and some key considerations from the world of government affairs.

In addition, each edition of Profitable Distributor will focus on statistics related to one key segment of the chemical distribution industry.