NACD offers one membership category to chemical distributors and four (4) affiliate categories to their industry partners. Each provides access to leaders in chemical distribution, access to customers as well as educational programming and networking with industry leaders, peers, and customers.

Distributor Members: NACD's primary members are chemical distribution companies that take title to and resell chemical products as a significant part of their business.

Chemical Handler Affiliates: Chemical handlers whose primary function excludes the supply, manufacturing or distribution of chemicals, including public warehouses, recyclers, and carriers are eligible to join NACD's Chemical Handler Affiliate program. Chemical Handler Affiliates, like NACD members, are required to comply with Responsible Distribution.

Chemical Producer Affiliates: Chemical producer/manufacturer companies that do not qualify for NACD membership and are not equipment/service providers are eligible to join NACD's Chemical Producer Affiliate program.

Service Provider Affiliates: Service provider companies that do not handle chemicals but supply equipment and/or services to the chemical distribution industry are eligible to join the Service Provider Affiliate program.

Global Distribution Partners: International distribution companies who are involved in chemical distribution and who take title to products but who do not have fixed facilities in the U.S.

To find out what membership type is right for your company, please complete the NACD Onboarding Wizard.

Questions? Contact Jenni Jenkins at or (571) 482-3067.