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Upcoming Responsible Distribution Workshops

Pre-Conference Responsible Distribution Workshop: A New Era Begins

Significant changes are coming to Responsible Distribution!  Join NACD as we start a new chapter in the 30+ year history of Responsible Distribution. The new Responsible Distribution program will bring about program-level changes and introduce a new Code on Sustainability. It is critical to learn now how these changes and new requirements will affect your company’s Responsible Distribution program so you can be well-prepared for your next verification.

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Thank you to our Responsible Distribution Workshop sponsors!

 AIG/Axon, BarentzBrenntagCellmark Basic MaterialsHarcros Chemicals Inc., LeBaronBrown Specialties—AIC/Charkit, Riteks, TRInternational, and Univar Solutions!


Past Workshops

Customized Responsible Distribution Workshops

Take advantage of half - and full-day "turnkey" workshops at your facilities! You tell us what type of Responsible Distribution training your team needs, and we'll customize and deliver training at your location.

Customized Responsible Distribution Training will:

  • Involve more of your full staff in the Responsible Distribution program
  • Deliver specific training to your company's key employees on topics on which your team needs to focus
  • Provide a stronger foundation for code coordinators
  • And more!

Click here to learn more about our half-day and full-day training options. To set up a customized training session, please contact Mike Lang at


Spring 2022 Responsible Distribution Workshop Agenda

Candidacy Class or RD101

Caroline Brooks, NACD

Download the slides here.

Delivering Safety - Culture, Standards and Safe Distribution

Bill Williams, National Safety Council

A State of Affairs: Legislative & Regulatory Briefing 2022

Legislative and Regulatory Staff, NACD

Download the slides here.

Maximizing Your Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA) Program

Jason Grubb, Operations Manager, TransChemical Inc.

Download the slides here.


Responsible Partnerships

J.W. Slusser, Supply Chain Manager, Harcros Chemicals Inc.

Download the slides here.

Maintaining a Culture of Safety in the Midst of Change

Jeanette Partlow, Maryland Chemical Company, Inc

Download the slides here.

Overdue! Avoiding Missed Trainings

Pete Downing, Environment & Safety Solutions, Inc.

Download the slides here.

Warehousing Topic

Jared Stadlin, Linden Warehouse and Distribution Co., Inc.

Download the slides here.

Tabletop Exercise: Cybersecurity

Dennis Hackney, ABS Group

Download the slides here.

Sneak Peak Beyond the 7th Cycle

Caroline Brooks, NACD Director Responsible Distribution

Download the slides here.



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Past Webinar Presentations

Responsible Distribution Brown Bag Webinar Series

The Advisers

Meet the Advisers! NACD Responsible Distribution® Advisers program is here to supplement our mentoring resources and provide in depth support for members and Affiliates during their Responsible Distribution implementation and continuous program improvement with qualified and NACD trained experts. View our archived recording and slides for an overview of the Adviser program, to learn who the different Adviser companies are, and what their areas of expertise are to best help your company.

The Verifiers

Meet the Verifiers! NACD has partnered with three verifying organizations for the 7th Cycle: Compliance Solutions Group, LLC, NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd. and SafetyPro Resources, LLC. This webinar goes through the process and expectations for working with your assigned verifier as you prepare for and conduct your next verification. We discuss all of the pre-verification, on-site/day of verification, and post verification timeline steps.


NACD has a variety of online resources available to assist candidates, members, and Affiliates as they develop and maintain their Responsible Distribution programs. This webinar walks through the NACD website and show users how to locate these different online resources tools. In addition, this webinar also covers a number of resources that have either been newly created or greatly enhanced for the 7th Cycle.


7th Cycle Verification Jump Start Webinar Series

Part One: Responsible Distribution Verification Dashboard for Dummies

Jump Start your 7th Cycle Verification! This webinar provides attendees a refresher on how to navigate the Verification Dashboard, including a system walk through, and highlights some of the new enhancements this cycle.  By the end of this webinar, you will be confident and be able to enter your company overviews to begin the verification process.

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Part Two: Top Tips for a Successful Verification

Jump Start your 7th Cycle Verification! How do you define a successful verification? Explore the top tips and suggestions provided by the Responsible Distribution Committee to help your company prepare for a successful 7th Cycle verification.

Click here to view:

Part Three: Completing your Specifications, Triumph, or Tragedy?

Speaker: Kelly McCabe, Vice-President, Operations; Ideal Chemical & Supply Company

Jump start your 7th Cycle Verification! Building off Part Two of our webinar series, Part Three takes a closer look at the “dos” and “don’ts” to complete specifications. What are the verifiers looking for? How can you create a professional final report?

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