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Upcoming Responsible Distribution Training

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Customized Responsible Distribution Workshops

Take advantage of half - and full-day "turnkey" workshops at your facilities! You tell us what type of Responsible Distribution training your team needs, and we'll customize and deliver training at your location.

Customized Responsible Distribution Training will:

  • Involve more of your full staff in the Responsible Distribution program
  • Deliver specific training to your company's key employees on topics on which your team needs to focus
  • Provide a stronger foundation for code coordinators
  • And more!

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Past Workshop Presentations


Monday, August 9, 2021

2:00-4:00 PM

Candidacy Class Orientation

This session is developed for new candidate distributor members and new Chemical Handler Affiliates companies implementing Responsible Distribution for the first time. The session covered the following items:

  • NACD Overview
  • What is Responsible Distribution
  • Basic Timeline
  • Working with the Verifiers
  • Understanding the Specifications
  • Day of Verification
  • Corrective Actions

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

8:00 AM-8:15 AM

Welcome and Introductions
Kelly McCabe, Ideal Chemical & Supply Co. & NACD Staff

8:15-9:15 AM

Right Product…Right Tank – Preventing Mis-Deliveries
Tracy Rogers, Patrick Wallior, Univar Solutions

Download the slides.

Have you ever experienced a mis-delivery of a product? Depending on the type of product, the results of a mis-delivery can be catastrophic. This session takes a closer look at what can cause a mis-delivery and review the best practices in preventing mis-deliveries.

9:15 10:00 AM

Responsible Distribution and Corporate Social Responsibility…E, H, S & S & S Excellence??
Tommy Turriff, TLC Ingredients, Inc.

Download the slides.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term quickly gaining momentum through the supply chain, but what does it really mean for the distribution community and how does it fit into Responsible Distribution? This session takes a closer look at CSR principles, how they align with the Responsible Distribution Code of Management Practice, and some practices of excellence companies can apply to their own business operations.

10:00-10:15 AM


10:15-11:15 AM

Emergency Response: Table Top Exercise, Part 1
Tom Bajema and Matt Fridley, Brenntag North America

Download the slides.
Download the handout.

This two-part session began by reviewing practices of excellence in managing period training requirements such as emergency response drills. A hands-on mini-table top exercise was conducted to provide an example of what can easily be done in an office setting to simulate testing your response programs.

11:00 AM-Noon

Emergency Response: Table Top Exercise, Part 2
Tom Bajema and Matt Fridley, Brenntag North America

Download the slides.
Download the handout.

This two-part session began by reviewing practices of excellence in managing period training requirements such as emergency response drills. A hands-on mini-table top exercise was conducted to provide an example of what can easily be done in an office setting to simulate testing your response programs.

12:00-12:45 PM


12:45-1:45 PM

Sustainability Panel Discussion
Moderator: Andy Lovenduski, Azelis Americas
Panelist: Greg Roop, IMCD US, LLC, Scott Dobrez, Dober, J.W. Slusser, Harcros Chemicals Inc.

Stay tuned for session description!

1:45-2:45 PM

Code II: Practices of Excellence
Peter Downing and Rachelle Alexander, Environment & Safety Solutions

Download the slides.

You don’t know, what you don’t know…but what does your company really need to know when it comes to Code II and keeping up with Responsible Distribution and Regulatory compliance requirements? Responsible Distribution Advisers from Environment and Safety Solutions reviews practices of excellence you can take back to your company for continuous improvement when it comes to Responsible Distribution but also better preparing you for the ever-changing regulatory environment.

2:45-3:00 PM


3:00-3:45 PM

Third Party Logistics Hot Topics
Terri Wintermute, Chicagoland Quad Cities Express, Inc.

Download the slides.

The issues facing the supply chain today are constantly evolving. This interactive session aims to cover and discuss best practices for some of the current hot topics impacting third party logistics in the chemical distribution supply chain including:

  • Labor and space availability
  • Supply Chain disruptions and timeliness
  • Practical ways to use and improve your 3PL relationships
3:45-4:30 PM

Building a Culture of Ethical Profits
Scott Groesbeck, Dan Fielding and Greg Walker, Tarr LLC

Download the slides.

Product stewardship is the balancing act between responsibilities to interested parties and the pursuit of ethical, responsible profits. Long term success means viewing these responsibilities as equal in importance and not mutually exclusive. As members of NACD, we are the standard for excellence and we all must endeavor to maintain that balance and grow our businesses. This three person discussion talks about the importance of a culture of Quality within your organization, and the ways in which we propagate it. The triumphs and pitfalls of product stewardship are presented and examined. We can create the best procedures, best facilities but without outstanding people who understand, uphold and appreciate the values of the organization, they will commonly fail. The best procedures are only effective when those who perform them, appreciate their importance from a perspective outside their own.

4:30-5:00 PM



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Who Should Attend Responsible Distribution Workshops?

We are continuing to provide the best content for code coordinators on Responsible Distribution as well as other information for the entire chemical industry that is hard to come by...all in one place!

  • NACD New and Experienced Responsible Distribution Code Coordinators
  • NACD Candidate Members, Prospective NACD Members
  • Chemical Handler Affiliates, and Chemical Supplier Affiliates.


New member, affiliate or candidate?

Bring your Responsible Distribution Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, or other documents and be prepared to roll up your sleeves for Responsible Distribution!




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Past Webinar Presentations

Responsible Distribution Brown Bag Webinar Series

The Advisers

Meet the Advisers! NACD Responsible Distribution® Advisers program is here to supplement our mentoring resources and provide in depth support for members and Affiliates during their Responsible Distribution implementation and continuous program improvement with qualified and NACD trained experts. View our archived recording and slides for an overview of the Adviser program, to learn who the different Adviser companies are, and what their areas of expertise are to best help your company.

The Verifiers

Meet the Verifiers! NACD has partnered with three verifying organizations for the 7th Cycle: Compliance Solutions Group, LLC, NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd. and SafetyPro Resources, LLC. This webinar goes through the process and expectations for working with your assigned verifier as you prepare for and conduct your next verification. We discuss all of the pre-verification, on-site/day of verification, and post verification timeline steps.


NACD has a variety of online resources available to assist candidates, members, and Affiliates as they develop and maintain their Responsible Distribution programs. This webinar walks through the NACD website and show users how to locate these different online resources tools. In addition, this webinar also covers a number of resources that have either been newly created or greatly enhanced for the 7th Cycle.


7th Cycle Verification Jump Start Webinar Series

Part One: Responsible Distribution Verification Dashboard for Dummies

Jump Start your 7th Cycle Verification! This webinar provides attendees a refresher on how to navigate the Verification Dashboard, including a system walk through, and highlights some of the new enhancements this cycle.  By the end of this webinar, you will be confident and be able to enter your company overviews to begin the verification process.

Click here to view:

Part Two: Top Tips for a Successful Verification

Jump Start your 7th Cycle Verification! How do you define a successful verification? Explore the top tips and suggestions provided by the Responsible Distribution Committee to help your company prepare for a successful 7th Cycle verification.

Click here to view:

Part Three: Completing your Specifications, Triumph or Tragedy?

Speaker: Kelly McCabe, Vice-President, Operations; Ideal Chemical & Supply Company

Jump start your 7th Cycle Verification! Building off Part Two of our webinar series, Part Three takes a closer look at the “dos” and “don’ts” to complete specifications. What are the verifiers looking for? How can you create a professional final report?

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