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Virtual Duke Leadership, Diversity, and Race Program

Virtual Duke Leadership, Diversity, and Race Program


For those interested in participating in the Virtual Duke Leadership, Diversity, and Race Program please reach out to Sudina Shakya at to discuss current pricing and dates available.

Program Description

Diversity can be a great force for organizations. Academic research and corporate business reports are replete with studies that associate diversity with greater innovation, superior decision-making, better business strategies, and improved financial performances. Once viewed as tangential to the principal tenets of business operations, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are now publicly acclaimed as organizational priorities, as companies increasingly recognize that a diverse workforce can help them to facilitate a competitive advantage in their respective industries. However, despite the public declarations, social inequity persists across countless organizations and corporations. What is the disconnect?

The Virtual Leadership, Diversity, and Race program critically examines the issues facing organizations who aspire to capitalize on the synergies of a diverse workforce, and how barriers such as implicit bias and systemic racism can sometimes prevent this from occurring. In our supportive virtual classroom environment, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of how focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion can enhance your organization and team goals, and also gain insight into tools that can help dismantle any barriers that may prohibit your organization’s ability to do so. We will explore the latest research, discuss best practices, and reflect on how you can make a significant impact when navigating and leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization.