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Safer Chemical Storage

Safer Chemical Storage

Storing incompatible chemicals together can inadvertently pose hazards, so it is important to always have your chemical storage records up to date. Not only can incorrectly stored chemicals cause a fire or explosion, but they can also result in significant health issues for your team and the wider community.

In this webinar, join Chemwatch Americas' Paul Benbow, Tom Hasse, and Augusta "Gusty" Brinley, as they discuss the following:

  • Regulatory requirements for chemical storage.
  • Whether or not a register or manifest is needed.
  • What information should be included.
  • How to determine what items can be stored together, or which ones need to be stored separately.
  • Where to find the information and reports needed to be able to stay compliant.

Thank you Chemsolv, an IPG Company for sponsoring this webinar.