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Spring Responsible Distribution Workshop

Responsible Distribution Workshop

What's your reason for cultivating a culture of safety at your company? Are you passionate about decreasing the occurrences of safety incidents? Did you know that you can save thousands on insurance expenses? Need better documentation of company policies? Make Responsible Distribution not just a requirement, but an ongoing practice of excellence at our Spring Responsible Distribution Workshop. Join us as we deep-dive into the codes and set up sustainable systems of excellence to employ throughout your operations. And, as a bonus, workshop attendees will get an exclusive first look at the future of the Responsible Distribution program!

Thank you to our Responsible Distribution Workshop sponsorsAIG/AxonBarentzBluePalletBrenntagCellmark Basic MaterialsHarcros Chemicals Inc.LeBaronBrown Specialties—AIC/CharkitRiteksTRInternational, and Univar Solutions!