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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) 101

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) 101

This webinar detailed critical information that participants should consider when using or personally handling IBCs. Specifically, participants:

  • Learned about the various configuration of composite IBCs, and plastic and steel asset tank IBCs (UN 31HZ1 vs 31H1, 31H2, 31A, 11A, etc. )
  • Learned about the wide variety of accessories available on all type of IBCs
  • Gained knowledge about typical transportation and storage practices of IBCs
  • Obtained an introduction to NFPA Code 30 compliance for combustible liquids as it relates to Composite IBCs and steel IBCs.
  • Learned to interpret the UN marking located on the side of every hazmat authorized IBC, the performance standards behind them and marking requirements specific to IBCs.
  • Received an introduction to proper load securement to avoid catastrophic injury when opening transport containers.

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Thank you to The Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container Association of North America for sponsoring this webinar!