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2019 May Duke Communication for Leaders Program

2019 May Duke Communication for Leaders Program

May Duke Communication for Leaders Program
May 7-10, 2019
Registration Deadline: March 23, 2019

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Program Description

Today’s multi-platform media environment creates unique issues whether you’re navigating a communications crisis or building your brand. When your audience is diverse—culturally, generationally, geographically, or philosophically—agility in messaging becomes even more important. Designed for professionals who seek to increase their influence, Communications for Leaders teaches disciplined communications strategies that can improve your performance in different contexts. Experience with social media is not required.

Over 3 days you’ll learn from a mixture of lecture, class discussion, and interactive exercises. You’ll have opportunities to practice and refine public speaking skills, manage Q&A, address the media, and work through a crisis situation, ensuring you gain practice in working with course concepts.

  • Presenting with Power
  • Leading and Communicating Through Crisis
  • Embracing the Power of Social Media
  • Answering the Tough Questions

Learning Outcomes

  • Build personal and corporate trustworthiness and credibility through communication
  • Refresh and practice presentation skills for engagement and impact
  • Incorporate feedback to increase your confidence
  • Develop communication strategies that are consistent and disciplined
  • Manage "hot-seat" questioning from sympathetic and adversarial audiences
  • Create a crisis communications strategy
  • Evaluate which social media channels will give you the best ROI
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to support your communication strategy
  • Analyze your online influence level
  • Position yourself and your organization as experts
  • Balance your online personal brand with your organization's brand

Who Should Attend

Professionals who interface with the public or other stakeholders, tailor their message to their various audiences, or those at any level who want to command attention and increase their personal and professional presence.


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