Looking to the Future

Using a road atlas or calling the office from a payphone sound like fairly archaic practices nowadays, yet both used to be standard activities among our members these past 50 years.

NACD has been doing a lot of reminiscing as we have celebrated our anniversary this year but with the speed at which our businesses – and indeed, the world in general – are changing, it is hard to envision the extent to which the industry will evolve over the next 50 years.

One thing that is certain is technological advancements will continue transforming every aspect of the job – whether production and transportation or the way orders are placed and records are kept.

An increasingly diverse workforce, particularly in higher management positions, as well as an improved work-life balance, are likely to be among the more positive changes to occur in the future.

A collaborative effort in tackling climate change will also surely be key in the years to come. The industry has already committed to finding sustainable alternatives to many of its processes and products, and many companies have set ambitious targets and goals to abide.