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NACD Member Referral Program

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Working with a distributor, supplier, warehouse, carrier, or service provider that should join NACD? Let us know!




For each company that you help recruit, you receive $300 off any NACD program in 2013. Support your industry by helping us grow. Together we can make a difference on Capitol Hill, improve safety and performance throughout the supply chain, and maximize networking and new business development opportunities within the NACD community.

How it Works:

Recruit new members and affiliates.
Do you know a company that is close to joining NACD? Send them an application and a 1-page overview of NACD's key member benefits and we'll follow up. Everything you need to recruit new affiliates can be found via the links below.

Or, just send us your leads and we'll do the rest.
Simpy fill out the NACD Affiliate Referral Form and return it to the NACD Membership Department by fax at 703/527-7747 or If your referral joins, you get the credit!

Everything You Need to Recruit:

Chemical Supplier Affiliates are chemical supplier/manufacturer companies that do not qualify for NACD membership and are not equipment/service providers. Companies must have greater than 50% of their annual revenue attributed to the manufacturing of chemicals.

  • Chemical Handlers: Click here for an application.  Click here for benefits message you can use. 

    Chemical Handler Affiliates are companies whose primary function excludes the supply, manufacturing, or distribution of chemicals. Examples include public warehouses, recycler, and carriers. Chemical Handler Affiliates, like NACD members, are required to comply with  Responsible Distribution.

  • Non Chemical Handlers: Click here for an application.  Click here for benefits message you can use.

Companies that do not handle chemicals but supply equipment and services to the chemical distribution industry are eligible to join the Non-Chemical Handler Affiliate program.

Additional Information:

  • NACD’s membership brochure
  • Overview on Responsible Distribution
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • All NACD members and affiliates can participate, however, new members and affiliates must be approved by NACD prior to December 1, 2013 in order to receive the $300 credit for each successful referral.


Contact the Membership Department at (703) 527-6223 or

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